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And another good day fishing with Captain Eddie.           >>>


  Matt caught this nice AJ on a spinning rod with 17-lb test line.
Caught red grouper and a bunch of grunts...only 8-miles out in 45-ft of water.
(Feb 2014)
  24-inch gag red grouper, grunts and porgy! Got it done on a 4-hr trip.
(Feb 2014)
 Another fine mess! Grouper, snapper and grunts.
(Feb 2014)
We caught  & Released 107 fish on a 4 Hr. trip with 3 fishers.
What a beautiful grouper...and the mess of other fish we caught on a 4 hr trip. (March 8, 2013)
Check out Tyler's
Big King Mackerel
Nov. 5, 2012

We also had 18 keeper bottom fish on this 4-hour trip